Exacting Standards

Pure Labs is the leading UK manufacturer of high quality fume cupboards which are trusted by some of the biggest companies in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Our range of innovative cupboards consistently bring new firsts to the UK, from our DDA compliant cupboards through to our unique bespoke design and manufacturer allowing for every cupboard to be personally tailored for your exacting requirements.

Used in schools, laboratories, universities and industrial R&D facilities, our range of cupboards can be installed, commissioned and serviced by our dedicated teams and when required can include full fume extraction system design and installation as well.

Whether you require a single cupboard or over a 100, we have the skills to assist from design through to complete installation, servicing and compliance. Our UK manufacturing hub allows you to visit and inspect any part of the operation including sign off prior to delivery to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

All of our cupboards have the most up to date low-energy design and running costs. When combined with our comprehensive servicing and standard warranty, Pure Labs fume cupboards offer one of the most cost effective cupboards available in the UK market.

Product Range

PL1 Ducted Fume Cupboard

PL1 – Standard

Our P1 range of ducted fume cupboards offer the ideal blend of specification, running cost and customisation. Designed for the rigors of research and industrial applications, our UK…..

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PL2 Ducted Fume Cupboard

PL2 – Height Adjustable

The PL2 range of height adjustable ducted fume cupboards offer the ideal blend of specification, running cost and customisation while offering industry first DDA compliant optimisations……

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PL3 – Walk in Cupboard

For Walk-In Fume Cupboards, the PL3 provides the most modern and up to date range of features available on the market. Ideal for tasks that utilise large equipment or transportable equipment that can be moved…..

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Virtual Tour of the PL1 and PL2 Fume Cupboards

Case Study

The National Museum of Norway, Oslo.
Halton Controls


Opening in 2020 the National Museum will be the Nordic region’s largest and most modern of its kind. Pure Labs was appointed on this project to supply a series of customised Fume Cupboards to aid the curators in preparing objects and artefacts for display in the National Museum while maintaining a safe working environment and containment of air borne particles.


To provide a wide range of solutions and Fume Cupboards to cater for the vast array of items and varied nature of works being undertaken with the most up to date, energy efficient, user friendly and most practical features available.


Using the PL1,2 and 3 series, the Museum used a combination of sizes from 1200mm to 2100mm wide along with standard, height adjustable and walk in’s to provide a comprehensive containment solution for the different use cases identified.

Fitted with VAV airflow controllers, the PL1 reduces the volume of air taken from the Fume Cupboard when it is not being used, reducing energy usage by up to 85%. In addition an automatic sash controller system was used to maximise and guarantee the energy savings by automatically closing the sash when the operator is not present in front of the cupboard.

Each Fume Cupboard was also fitted with an external footswitch providing a simple way of opening the sash when carrying objects. The sash can also be operated manually or via the touchpad on the sash control monitor. Ceramic worktops were installed to provide the highest level of resilience against chemicals and acids.

Further customisations included internal socket outlets which are controlled via an external socket timer allowing the user to set up tasks to run at a predetermined amount of time, integrated solvent waste systems and front mounted LED display monitors allowing the user to recognise critical fill levels with a single glance.

Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo
Case Study - Oslo

Servicing and Maintenance

There are a number of pieces of legislation which relate to the use of laboratory fume cupboards. In order to ensure your cupboards are operating effectively and efficiently Pure Labs provides a comprehensive service and maintenance plan which complements the manufacturer’s warranty and gives you the best end to end service over the lifespan of each cupboard. Combined with our extensive experience and ability to look after and maintain other manufacturers equipment we can provide a single point of contact for all ongoing servicing and maintenance making sure each unit is operating correctly, efficiently and safely.

Refurbish and Upgrade

With over 30 years experience we have worked on a wide number of other manufacturers products. From complete strip down and rebuilds, to in place upgrades and modernisation programmes, our team have completed a large number of refurbished or upgrade projects providing a cost effective way to extend the life of your investments while maximising the use of new technology.
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